Serial Monitor Commands

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This a list of some of the most typical commands you can use in the Serial Monitor.
For more diagnostic/developer based commands, see Serial Monitor Additional Commands.
The console can be opened in Arduino by choosing menu Tools>Serial Monitor.
Type the command in the top box and hit return, or click the "Send" button on the right side.
Note - Commands listed under the Diagnostic Commands section below only work if
#define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS in NOT active in the config.h file.

version 🔗

Prints which ProffieOS version is running.

reset 🔗

Reboots the Proffieboard.

RebootDFU 🔗

Reboots the Proffieboard as STM32BOOTLOADER device.

get_volume 🔗

Displays the current volume.

set_volume xxxx 🔗

Sets the current volume of the board. Overrides the value uploaded in your config.h file.

n 🔗

Go to next preset.

p 🔗

Go to the previous preset.

on 🔗

Turn the saber on.

off 🔗

Turn the saber off.

clash 🔗

Trigger a clash

force 🔗

Trigger a force push effect.

blast 🔗

Trigger a blast effect.

stab 🔗

Trigger a stab effect.

lock 🔗

Begin/end lockup mode.

lblock/lb 🔗

Begin/end lightning block.

drag 🔗

Begin/end drag.

melt 🔗

Begin/end melt.

ccmode 🔗

Enter/exit color change mode.

cd 🔗

Use the specified font directory. Full path needs to be provided.

pwd 🔗

Shows what font directory is currently active.

dir 🔗

Show the contents of a directory on the SD card. Full path needs to be provided.

play 🔗

Plays a particular file.

play_track 🔗

Like "play", but uses the track player to play it, which means that you can stop the track with "stop_track".

stop_track 🔗

Stops the currently playing track, if any.

scanid 🔗

Have the board deactivate all current blades, check the BladeID and pick a BladeConfig [] array based on the new detected BladeID.

pow / aux / aux2 (or any button name) 🔗

These commands can be used to send button events from the Serial Monitor. See Button Commands for more information.

Blink Status LED N times (Proffieboard V3 only)

Editing Presets in Place (writes to presets.ini) 🔗

rotate 🔗

Rotating is an alternative to saving the current preset. It puts the last preset first and saves presets.ini/tmp.

list_presets 🔗

Prints currently programmed presets.

set_font FONTNAME 🔗

Set current font.

set_track (full path to)TRACK 🔗

Sets current track.

set_name NAME 🔗

Set current preset name.

set_style 🔗

Set current style.

Diagnostic Commands 🔗

Note: The uploaded config file can not have #define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS active for these to work.

beep 🔗

Plays a few beeps, great for testing if your speaker is working.

dir 🔗

List contents of current font directory.

effects 🔗

List all found effect sounds in font search path.

sdtest 🔗

Tests the speed of the sd card. From ProffieOS 3.x and forward, this will read all the files in the current font, then present an average speed and a histogram of how long it took to read each block and open each file.

sdtest all 🔗

Like the "sdtest" command, but reads every file on the SD card, this can take a while.