Additional Serial Monitor Commands

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These commands are usually used for deeper diagnostics beyond typical use.
For more typical use case commands, see Serial Monitor Commands.

WARNING - While most of these are harmless, some of these are powerful and should only be used if you're familiar with how they work. 🔗

scanid 🔗

Have the board deactivate all current blades, check the BladeID and pick a BladeConfig [] array based on the new detected BladeID.

id 🔗

Show the blade ID.

dacbuf 🔗

Print the current contents of the dac buffer.

list_named_style 🔗

List all available named styles.

describe_named_style <style> 🔗

Show what arguments a style requires.

amp on/off 🔗

Turn amplifier on or off.

booster on/off 🔗

Turn 5V booster on or off.

make_default_console 🔗

Make this connection the default connection (if using something other than Arduino Serial monitor, like a TTL->USB interface)

malloc 🔗

Show how much dynamic memory is allocated.

whatison 🔗

Shows all the wav players, whether they are currently on or off, and what is loaded into each of them.


SimpleBlade: 🔗

blade on/off 🔗

Turn simple blade on off.

state 🔗

Displays if SimpleBlade is on or off.

The following requires ENABLE_FASTLED defined:

blade on/off 🔗

Turn apa102 blade on off.

The following requires ENABLE_WS2811 defined:

blade on/off 🔗

Turn ws2811 blade on off.
The following requires ENABLE_DEVELOPER_COMMANDS defined:

state 🔗

Displays if WS2811 is on or off

NOTE - The following commands only work if
#define DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS in NOT active in the config.h file.

monitor 🔗

Toggle extra debug printouts. Topic is one of: swings, gyro, samples, touch, battery, pwm, clash, temp, strokes, serial, fusion, variation

volumes 🔗

Prints volumes of sounds currently occupying wav players.

buffered 🔗

Prints buffering of sounds currently occupying wav players.

get_ble_config 🔗


top 🔗

Prints statistics about how often things are running and how much cpu they are using. If something is slow, start by running this command a few times and see if something sticks out at you.

*NOTE* - The following commands only work if `#define ENABLE_DEVELOPER_COMMANDS` _IS_ active in the config.h file.

say ARG 🔗

Test error messages. See following ARGs list:
- bfd "Error in font directory"
- bof "Font directory not found"
- ftl "Font directory too long"
- sd "SD card not found"
- bb "Error in blade array"
- bp "Error in preset array"
- lb "Low battery"

talkie 🔗

Play talkie from hex string. rate = 25.

talkie_slow 🔗

rate = 25

talkie12 🔗

rate = 12

talkie15 🔗

rate = 15