Proffieboard Setup

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This page will walk you through installing and configuring the software you need to program your Proffieboards. This includes installing Arduino, the arduino-proffieboard plugin, which provides Proffieboard support to Arduino, and any drivers you might need, which depends on what kind of computer you have.

Arduino 🔗

Go to and download the Arduino IDE version v1.6.19 or later. Once downloaded, run it to install the Arduino software on your computer.

The Arduino-Proffieboard plugin 🔗

  1. Start the Arduino IDE
  2. Go into File -> Preferences
  3. In "Additional Board Manager URL", enter the following:

It should look like this: arduino preferences

  1. Open Arduino menu Tools->Board->Boards Manager and type "Proffie" in the search box. Install the latest version "Proffieboard Plugin". You may have to click on it for the "install" button to appear. Once done, it should look like this:

arduino board manager

  1. Select your board version from Arduino menu Tools->Board->Proffieboard-> menu
  2. Set Tools->DOSFS: to "SDCARD (SPI)". For Proffieboard V3, choose "SDCARD (SDIO High Speed)"

When you're done, the tools menu should look like this: arduino tools menu

OS Specific Setup 🔗

Windows 🔗

Download proffie-dfu-setup and run it. (sha256:4773c8693cf62777cd8da4c95441690e7ae7c4171e8c1d533b1f6225f3bdc29e)

If you're using Windows 7 or earlier, you also need to install a USB ACM serial driver:

  1. Go to ~/AppData/Local/Arduino15/packages/profezzorn/hardware/stm32l4/<VERSION>/drivers/windows
  2. Right-click on dpinst_x86.exe (32 bit Windows) or dpinst_amd64.exe (64 bit Windows) and select Run as administrator
  3. Click on Install this driver software anyway at the Windows Security popup as the driver is unsigned

Linux 🔗

  1. Go to ~/.arduino15/packages/profezzorn/hardware/stm32l4/<VERSION>/drivers/linux/
  2. sudo cp *.rules /etc/udev/rules.d
  3. reboot

If you have no 32-bit support, you will get this error:

dfu-suffix: no such file or directory

On debian-like systems, this can be fixed with the following commands:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386

Mac 🔗

If you're using an M1/M2 mac, you're going to need to install Rosetta. The Arduino-Proffieboard plugin does not have native arm-mac support yet.

Done 🔗

Now you're ready to configure, compile and upload ProffieOS to your Proffieboards.