Your first config file

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Once you have Arduino installed and configured, it's time to download ProffieOS and set it up with a config file for your particular saber or prop. This page isn't meant to show you all the ways you can customize a config file, for now we're just going to start with something simple, and we can customize and configure it later.

Where to get a config file. 🔗

While it's possible to just open up a text editor and write a config file, I wouldn't recommend it. Instead, I would go with one of these options:

Configuring ProffieOS to use your config file. 🔗

  1. Go to the ProffieOS directory and click on ProffieOS.ino (.ino might be hidden on Windows)
  2. This should open up ProffieOS.ino in arduino. Arduino might show another file too, like, if so, just click on the ProffieOS.ino tab.
  3. Scroll down to the CONFIG_FILE define, it will be a line that looks like this:
  1. Now change this line to:
#define CONFIG_FILE "config/my_saber_config.h"

Of course, replace my_saber_config with the actual name of your config file.