POV (persistance of vision)

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This page needs more work, but here is some information from the pov_tools directory in ProffieOS...

create_POV_data_files (script) 🔗

Use ProffieOS POV Tools to create Persistence-Of-Vision images that show when you swing the blade.
This script utilizes the existing Makefile in the pov_tools folder.
Images can be created without this script via command line by typing 'make'.
Arguments may be provided as 'OPTIONS=--height=N --length=N --offset=N'

Under the hood:
pnmtorle - Converts a full-color image to hex data to be included in the code.
pgmtorle - Converts a single-color image to hex data to be included in the code.
pnmwindshieldwiper - Scales the image and bends it so that it will work on a swinging blade.
pnmquantizedtorle - Quantizes images to 8bit 256 colors to balance using color images and not taking up too much memory.

Operating System Requirements: 🔗

Windows (Windows 10 at time of writing): 🔗

Install Windows Subsystem for Linux
Linux subsystem for Windows is required before usage. This can be done without manually downloading anything.

Install g++ and netpbm

MacOS: 🔗

Linux 🔗

Make POV files 🔗

To run the script:

All valid .png files in the pov_tools folder will be processed to the setting you chose.

{ "Font", "tracks/track.wav",

Swing the blade in a steady, quick movement to see the image in the air. A long-exposure camera capture showcases the result best.