Using dual_prop.h

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dual_prop.h allows for 2 discrete prop files to be used, alternating on a latched switch (Blade Detect).
This is useful when you want a saber to toggle to a blaster for example, and you want the buttons to take on different behaviors.

How to: Use the following lines where you set your prop file in your config.

#ifdef CONFIG_PROP   
#include "../props/dual_prop.h"   
#include "../props/saber_sa22c_buttons.h"   
#include "../props/blaster.h"   
#undef PROP_TYPE   
#define PROP_TYPE SaberBlasterProp<SaberSA22CButtons, Blaster>   

** Note the prop file SaberSA22CButtons here would change to the file name of the prop you choose.

Then setup your config file for 2 states: Bladein preset bank, and a BladeOut preset bank.
Give the BladeConfig 2 sets of descriptions, and #define BLADE_DETECT_PIN properly.

Read more about blade detect here.