About Profezzorn

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Hi, I'm Profezzorn. My real name is Fredrik Hübinette, and I'm originally from Sweden, but nowadays I live in Washingon State, USA.

I wrote ProffieOS, I designed the Proffieboards, and I also do a lot of other stuff.

If you wish to contact me. Please go to The Crucible

If you need help with something, go to the right category and start a new thread about your problem. If you don't know which category to use, try the padawan area. You can also send me a personal message on the crucible if it's a business or personal question.

Alternatively, you can go go to The Rebel Armory Either create a thread in the section called "Profezzorn's Lab", or send a personal message to "Profezzorn".

Using email is not advisable as emails from unknown people usually end up in my spam folder. Using Facebook messenger does not work, because I don't use that.