Blade ID constant monitoring

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As of ProffieOS7, a new method of detecting different "blades" by using Blade ID is available.
This can also include detecting other changes besides just blades, such as a removable chassis being inserted into a hilt.

Where previously Blade ID scanning only would occur at power on, this new way provides continuous scanning in the background, and will detect a change in blade state in real time, at any time.

The following defines can be added to the config file:

#define BLADE_ID_TIMES 10

In the example above, 1000 is the milliseconds between scans, and 10 is the number of scans that get averaged together to come up with a useable scanned value. These specific values have been tested to work well, but of course can be modified as desired.

Additionally, a BLADE_ID_CLASS will need to be defined, as well as SHARED_POWER_PINS for this method to work.
See Blade ID for more information.